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Beginners Pastel & Drawing Courses – Week 4

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Hi everyone

Last lesson the Beginners Drawing Course 2 tried out a few different exercises based on the theory of drawing with the right side of the brain.  Then, whilst you were still trying to get your head around that, I threw in a couple of tasks based on negative space.  There was a lot to think about but I hope you all enjoyed it.  The Beginners Pastel Course had quite a difficult task in using a new technique to create a more sketchy style of working.  This was very different from what you have done so far and well done to everyone for having a go.  You can achieve some really interesting effects using this simplified colour palette on a prepared background.

Hope you all enjoyed the May Day Bank Holiday.  We will be back in class again on Monday 8th May.

There are a couple of events happening that might interest some of you.  The Artists Around Wetherby Open Studios will be taking place between 19th and 29th May 2017.  Go to their website for further details: www.artistsaroundwetherby.com

Also, the Ilkley Art Show are currently asking for entries for their August exhibition.  So if you feel like showing your work off a bit then go for it!  Details can be found on their website:  www.ilkleyartshow.co.uk.

See you all on Monday.




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