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“Inspired 5” – week 5

Hi everyone

As this is the last lesson of the current course I thought it might be nice to finish on a local lad. So this week we looked at Bradford born David Hockney and his painting of “Garrowby Hill” from 1998. The emphasis of the painting was on colour, shape and a bit of perspective thrown in for good measure. David Hockney turned 84 this week so happy birthday David and I hope you like our tribute.

You can see more on our Instagram page at: @leedsartgroup

Time for a Summer break for Leeds Art Group but we’ll be back in one form or another in August/September. As soon as I have some definite details about future classes I will post the information on here. In the meantime, if you have any questions please get in touch by either email: leedsartgroup@yahoo.co.uk or tel: 07788 871286.

Have a lovely Summer everyone and I hope to see you soon

Wendy x

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“Inspired 5” – week 4

Hi folks

This week we went dotty with a a bit of “Pointillism” technique. We used Georges Seurat’s painting “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” as our inspiration and explored the idea of visual colour mixing by placing colours next to each rather than mixing them before applying them to the picture. Quite a tricky one but well done to you all for having a go at yet another technique and coming up with some beautiful pictures once again. Great work!

Below are some of this week’s pictures and you can see more on our Instagram page at: @leedsartgroup

See you soon