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Beginners Pastel & Drawing Courses – Week 3

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Hi folks

This week I gave you all some really tricky challenges and it was great to see how you all embraced the tasks.  The Beginners Drawing Course Level 2 took on “The Pinecone Challenge”.  This is always a tricky one and you really had to concentrate to achieve this level of accuracy, well done!  The Beginners Pastel Drawing Course had to deal with a mainly white still life and had to get creative with their colour mixing for the shadows.  Fantastic work everone.  I’m so pleased with how you’re all doing so far.

Don’t forget there are no classes next Monday (17th April) as it’s the Easter Monday bank holiday.  Hope you all have a lovely Easter and I’ll see you all back in class on Monday 24th April 2017.


P.S.  There is a Chinese Calligraphy Workshop in Leeds on 26th April (not run by Leeds Art Group).  Further details can be found on their website here:   https://lbchinesecalligraphy.eventbrite.co.uk




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