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Beginners Courses – Week 5 & New Courses starting June 2017!

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Hi Folks

You did some fantastic work this week.  The Beginners Drawing Course 2 drew some still life using pen and cross hatching technique to create tone.  Many of you had never done this before so you did really well to create such beautiful drawings.  The Beginners Pastel Drawing Course looked at scale and how you can take small insignificant objects and enlarge them to create some really interesting drawings.  Another great week of drawings and I can’t wait to see what you can do next week!

Exciting news! I’m pleased to announce that there will be a brand new course starting in June!

The Drawing Course Level 3 – Intermediate will begin on Monday 19th June and run for 7 weeks.  All the course details can be found on the “Courses For 2017” page.  If you have any questions about the course then please contact me on tel: 07788 871286 or email: leedsartgroup@yahoo.co.uk or get in touch via the “Contact” page.

See you soon




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