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Beginners Drawing Course 2

Hi folks!

The response to the Beginners Drawing Course has been overwhelming and this course is now full.  For those of you who missed out this time, new Leeds Art Group courses will be starting again in September and I hope you’ll be able to join us then.  Further details of the new courses will be posted on this website from July/August.

See you soon.



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Beginners Watercolour, Drawing and Pastel Courses – Week 7

Sadly, this was the last week of classes for this term and you all finished with a great finale!  Our life model Ellie came in to pose for us which meant the Watercolour class got the chance to build on the figure painting techniques they practised last week but this time with the real thing.  Working from photographs is great for practise but you always get much better results with a real model infront of you.  The Drawing class looked mainly at 2 key elements of figure drawing – proportion and shape.  The Pastel class were also able to practise controlling their colour accuracy for hair and flesh tones.

You’ve all come so far since week one and I am extremely proud of you all and the progress you’ve made.  I hope you will all now be able to carry on with your art work at home.  I’ll be seeing some of you again at the Beginners Drawing Course 2 starting June 15th 2015 (See the Courses For 2015 page for further details) but for those of you that can’t make it then please look out for the new September courses being advertised from July/August.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed these past few weeks as much as I have and I hope to see you at Leeds Art Group events in the future.

Have a lovely summer!



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Beginners Watercolour, Drawing and Pastel Courses – Week 6

This week the Drawing and Pastel classes worked on self-portraits and wow – what fantastic results!  You all started with the same basic guidelines and then made alterations to turn them into your own individual portraits.  A lot of people are a little apprehensive about self-portraits at first but by the end of the lesson you really got it and I think for many of you this was your best work yet.  The Watercolour class used this weeks lesson to try out some figure painting techniques and did some 5 minute paintings to explore a much freer, sketchy way of working.  You all did some great paintings and this will be good practise for next week when all 3 classes have a life model coming in to pose for us.  I can’t wait to see what you’re all going to produce next week.

Sadly next week is the last lesson for all the courses.  The next Leeds Art Group course will be the daytime Beginners Drawing Course 2 starting on June 15th.  For those of you who have previously attended the Beginners Drawing Course please note that the June course is a completely new course with different lessons and content.  However, you don’t need to have completed the original drawing course in order to attend this new course, it is a “stand alone” course.  See the Courses For 2015 page for further details.  Unfortunately there will be no further evening classes until September 2015.

See you all next week.