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Beginners Courses – Week 4


Hi folks

This week the Beginners Animal Portraiture Course 3 used soft pastels to create these colourful bee drawings. In the Beginners Drawing Course Level 1 we drew from photos of Italian statues to practise shading in different tones. We’re already halfway through the courses and I’m really pleased with how well you’re all doing.  You should be starting to feel a bit more confident about your drawings now.

See you soon.




3 thoughts on “Beginners Courses – Week 4

  1. I am so enjoying the Beginners Drawing Course, even though I wasn’t sure I would! Some weeks go better than others but most of the time, I can’t believe I’m managing to produce something half-decent. I’d never done this before and was very nervous to start with but Wendy is very reassuring and very good at building our confidence. I’m learning new skills every week and for two hours I think of nothing else but the day’s task, which is strangely relaxing: thank you Wendy!

  2. Hi Catherine, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the course. You’re making great progress each lesson. I hope people reading your comment will realise that they can do it too!

  3. I have just completed Wendy Atton’s beginners 7 week art course and have thoroughly enjoyed every session. The subjects and mediums, were varied and interesting and the lessons were very well planned with clear instructions and a variety of useful links and examples of artist’s work.

    Wendy is an excellent teacher. She is very encouraging and makes the sessions interesting and fun. I was surprised at the results of my efforts and have learned a lot about drawing, using different mediums, techniques and the artists who were influential during the impressionist era. The course was very inspiring.

    Thank you Wendy.

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