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Beginners Watercolour, Drawing and Pastel Courses – Week 5

Lesson 5 already and everyone is starting to work a bit more independently as you gradually gain confidence in your own abilities, which is fantastic to see.  The Watercolour class painted some leaves and put in to practise everything they have learned so far about colour mixing and gradually building up a painting.  The Drawing class did some timed drawings to explore how to start a drawing with quick and simple shapes before adding more detail.  The Pastel class looked at scale and enlarged small, everyday objects to fill an A4 page using some really vibrant colours.

Don’t forget that there are no classes next week.  The Watercolour class will resume on Monday 11th May and the Drawing and Pastel classes will resume on Wednesday 13th May.

Have a lovely break and I’ll see you all soon.


P.S. I must say thank you to Linda for bringing in the homemade cakes this week – the chocolate tiffin was divine!  Go straight to the top of the class.


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Beginners Watercolour, Drawing and Pastel Courses – Week 4

What glorious weather we’ve had this week and we kicked off the week with a very Summery country cottage scene in the Watercolour class, continuing to explore colour mixing and how to work your way around a painting.  The Drawing class used a grid to enlarge images of Italian statues, practising their accuracy and shading.  The Pastel class had yet another difficult task this week when they tried out a whole new technique – “Trois crayons”.  It was challenging but everyone seemed to grasp the concept and you all did brilliantly, well done everyone!

There are a couple of local events on this weekend that you might be interested in:-

Yorkshire Art Fair at Gomersal Public Hall, Saturday 25th April, www.yorkshireartfair.com


Roundhay Open Studios /Art Trail, Sunday 26th April,  www.roundhayopenartiststudios.co.uk

Have a lovely weekend and see you all next week.



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Beginners Watercolour, Drawing and Pastel Courses – Week 3

It’s good to be back again after our Easter break and great to see how eager you all were to get creative!  In the Watercolour class we used a range of techniques for creating skies and stretched some paper for working on next week.  The Drawing class looked at scale and used charcoal and chalk to create their enlarged drawings.  The Pastel class had the difficult task of drawing white objects on a white background without using any black for the shadows.  Once again, everyone rose to the challenge and produced great results.  Keep practising and keep building your skills and your confidence.  Looking forward to seeing what you can do next week.


P.S.  If anyone happens to be in Leeds city centre this Saturday, there is a crafts market at Holy Trinity Church on Boar Lane, 10.30am – 4.30pm, free entry.  Go along if you want to support local designer/makers.  This event will be running every month.  Visit their facebook page for more details:  http://www.facebook.com/thestallsleeds



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Beginners Watercolour, Drawing and Pastel Courses – Week 2

This week the tasks were a little bit trickier for everyone.  The Drawing class looked at manmade forms, the Pastel class drew natural forms and the Watercolour class used both.  It’s really lovely for me to see how much some of you are enjoying your lessons and how you can get engrossed in your work.  I’m also enjoying seeing everyone’s individual styles gradually emerging.  It shows that you are gaining confidence in your own abilities and not trying to emulate what other people are doing.  I’m so pleased with everything you’ve done so far – keep it up!  Don’t forget that there are no classes next week to give us all time to eat our Easter eggs.  The Monday class will resume on April 13th and the Wednesday classes resume on April 15th.

Have a lovely Easter everyone!