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Beginners Courses – Week 4 & new courses starting March 2017!

Welcome back everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed being back in class after our little break.  The Animal Portraiture course were thrown straight back into getting messy with charcoal this week.  Well worth the mess if you ask me, for the fantastic pictures you produced of the iguana.  The Drawing course looked at accuracy and how using a grid can help to enlarge pictures accurately.  Attention to detail was very important here and I could almost hear you all concentrating.  The Portraiture course moved onto eyes this week.  Possibly the most important part of a portrait and worth spending time on to get them just right.  It’s great to have you all back and I’m looking forward to next week.

The details for new courses starting 27th March 2017 are now available on our “Courses for 2017” page.  Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to book a place.  Tel:  07788 871286 or email:  leedsartgroup@yahoo.co.uk or use the Contact page.





Beginners Courses – Week 3

Hi everyone

Another great week of new challenges and new techniques.  The Animal Portraiture Course 2 produced some incredible pictures of wolves using scraperboard.  This was a very unforgiving medium so you all did exceptionally well.  The Beginners Drawing Course 1 looked at scale this week and the difficulties involved in enlarging objects in a drawing whilst still keeping the correct proportions.  Well done everyone, you really got the hang of this.  The Beginners Portraiture Course made some studies of noses this week in both pencil and pastel – using the grey paper to act as a mid- tone.  Fantastic work everyone!

Don’t forget there are no classes next week but classes will resume on Monday 20th February 2017.  Enjoy the break and I’ll see you all back in class very soon.




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Beginners Courses – Week 2

Hi folks

In the Beginners Animal Portraiture Course 2 we went all bright and beautiful this week with pastel drawings of butterflies.  Despite us all getting covered in pastel you produced some really lovely drawings, well done.  The Beginners Drawing Course 1 continued to look at composition and proportion but this time using manmade objects as a subject.  These are always a little bit trickier to draw than natural forms but really good practise to improve your drawing skills.  In the Beginners Portraiture Course we started to look more closely at individual features to really focus on details.  This week we looked at mouths and tried a cross-hatching technique to create different tones.  Great work everyone!

See you all next week.