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Beginners Courses – Week 3

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Hi folks

I think we can all agree that this week was a toughie but just look what you can achieve when you just step out of your comfort zone and push yourself that bit further.  The pattern course used Art Nouveau as inspiration for creating beautiful decorative letters.  The drawing course took on the great “Pinecone challenge” (not for the faint hearted) and proved that you can tackle even complex objects if you take it one step at a time.  The animal portraiture course tried out yet another medium this time – watercolour, and produced some fantastic paintings using only 5 colours.  The pastel class had a real challenge in drawing white objects on a white background which takes some thinking about but you all did brilliantly and really experimented with your colours.  Well done everyone!  I’m so pleased with how well you’re all doing so please be proud of how far you’ve come in just 3 weeks.

See you all next week.



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