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Beginners Courses – Week 2

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Hi Everyone

This week the Pattern Course looked at Indian Henna Tattoo patterns and created some of their own designs using ink.  The Drawing Course started to build on skills learned in the previous lesson and made some observation studies of plants.  In the Animal Portraiture Course we got messy with charcoal and elephants.  And in the Pastel Course we got messier still using natural forms as our subject and practising colour mixing.  You’ve all done some fantastic work this week and I can see you are already making progress in only week 2!  Keep up the good work.  Next week will offer up yet another challenge for everyone.

Looking forward to it.



One thought on “Beginners Courses – Week 2

  1. Drawing elephants was really good fun & though I found it quite challenging I enjoyed this week as much as week 1. This week painting with water colours was new to me as I haven’t used water colours much before because I have always found it a really difficult medium to work in. Thanks to Wendy’s tuition I learnt how to build up a picture & can’t wait to practice! Looking forward to next week : )

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