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Beginners Courses – Week 4

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Hi everyone

You did fantastic work this week!  The pattern course produced some amazingly colourful pictures based on African prints which looked great, especially when we arranged them altogether.  The drawing course took on a new challenge in trying to create different tones by using just a black pen and cross-hatching technique.  We worked on our speed in the animal portraiture class by making some very quick sketches of meerkats one after another to create a more spontaneous style of drawing – very handy if your subjects won’t stay still for long.  The pastel class tried out a new technique using only 3 colours and working on a varied background.  It was a completely different style to how you have been working so far, so well done to everyone for having a go.  I am loving seeing all the wonderful pictures you’re producing and seeing such varied styles of working.  I can’t wait to see what you all come up with next week.

See you soon.


P.S.  A few people have asked me if there is any break in our courses for half-term.  So just to confirm, there is no break and we have 3 more weeks of lessons until the end of the courses.  The very last lesson for this term will be Thursday 18th February.  The next term will start around the end of March/beginning of April (exact dates to be confirmed) and I will have further information on this in the next couple of weeks.  So watch this space!


One thought on “Beginners Courses – Week 4

  1. Drawing meerkats was good fun & having to do quick sketches made me really think about what needed to go down on paper first. Loved drawing the horses also this week even though it was really difficult for me. Looking forward to next week 🙂

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