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Word of the week

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Hi folks

What a great start to “Word of the week”.  It was so nice to see so many different responses to a single theme.  You’ve been sending me some beautiful pictures this week, so keep ’em coming!  Here are just a few of them and you can see more on our Instagram page at: @leedsartgroup.  


Remember you can join in with “Word of the week” at anytime and it’s free for everyone.

This week’s word is…..

Food & Drink

Ok, technically not one word at all but you can’t have one without the other, can you? This is something we are all probably going to be seeing a lot of over the next couple of weeks so let’s celebrate it! You don’t have to stick to just food and drink items either, here are a few other suggestions: chefs, restaurants, pubs, cooking/serving implements, eating, food labels/packets, food/drink production, etc.

Good luck with it, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!


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