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Hi everyone

Even though the Leeds Art Group courses have finished for 2020 that doesn’t mean that we have to stop making art.  To help inspire you to get those paints/pencils/pens out, each Monday I’ll be posting a word on this website to act as a starting point for your own creativity.  You can use any materials and work in any style you like.  There are no wrong answers!  So wherever your creativity leads you, that is exactly the right direction.  When you’ve finished your drawing/painting etc. you are welcome to send me a photo of it for feedback/advice and there’s a good chance I’ll post it on this website or our Instagram page @leedsartgroup.  This is free for everyone (even if you’re not a member of Leeds Art Group) and you don’t need to apply or sign up for it.  Just start drawing!

Send your photos to me via email at:  leedsartgroup@yahoo.co.uk or send them via WhatsApp to this number: 07788 871286.  We also have a WhatsApp group for Leeds Art Group where you can upload your own photos.  Just let me know your mobile number if you would like me to add you to the WhatsApp group (you will need to have a WhatsApp account already in order to join the WhatsApp group).

So here we go!  The first word of the week is……..


Here are a few suggestions where this might take you but you don’t have to stick to these:  musical instruments, concert halls, sheet music, song lyrics, musicians, album covers etc…

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Take care


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