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Beginners Watercolour, Drawing and Pastel Courses – Week 3

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It’s good to be back again after our Easter break and great to see how eager you all were to get creative!  In the Watercolour class we used a range of techniques for creating skies and stretched some paper for working on next week.  The Drawing class looked at scale and used charcoal and chalk to create their enlarged drawings.  The Pastel class had the difficult task of drawing white objects on a white background without using any black for the shadows.  Once again, everyone rose to the challenge and produced great results.  Keep practising and keep building your skills and your confidence.  Looking forward to seeing what you can do next week.


P.S.  If anyone happens to be in Leeds city centre this Saturday, there is a crafts market at Holy Trinity Church on Boar Lane, 10.30am – 4.30pm, free entry.  Go along if you want to support local designer/makers.  This event will be running every month.  Visit their facebook page for more details:  http://www.facebook.com/thestallsleeds



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