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Beginners Watercolour, Drawing and Pastel Courses – Week 2

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This week the tasks were a little bit trickier for everyone.  The Drawing class looked at manmade forms, the Pastel class drew natural forms and the Watercolour class used both.  It’s really lovely for me to see how much some of you are enjoying your lessons and how you can get engrossed in your work.  I’m also enjoying seeing everyone’s individual styles gradually emerging.  It shows that you are gaining confidence in your own abilities and not trying to emulate what other people are doing.  I’m so pleased with everything you’ve done so far – keep it up!  Don’t forget that there are no classes next week to give us all time to eat our Easter eggs.  The Monday class will resume on April 13th and the Wednesday classes resume on April 15th.

Have a lovely Easter everyone!





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