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Happy New Year everyone!

Well done to all of you for making it through 2020 and producing lots of fantastic pictures along the way. Last week’s word was “Favourite”. So you had so many different directions you could have gone in with this. It’s been great to see some of the things you love. Here are just a few of them and you can see more on our Instagram page at: @leedsartgroup.  

Remember you can join in with “Word of the week” at anytime and it’s free for everyone.

This week’s word is…..


Ok, so this one isn’t even a word but I’m bending the rules for it. I’ve chosen this because even though we’ve just come through a really tough year, it seems like there’s still a real sense of optimism in the air about what 2021 might bring. Maybe you’re looking forward to seeing friends and family, sitting in a cafe, shopping without wearing a mask, socialising, travelling or even just going to a real live art class! I thought this might be a good time to think about something positive that we might get to see or do in 2021. It might just be a single object that you focus on that somehow represents something bigger (even if it only means something to you). As always, there are no wrong answers!

Looking forward to seeing your pictures and best wishes for 2021!


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