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New online course starting April 2020!

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Hi everyone

Hope you are all keeping well and not going stir crazy just yet.  As promised, I will be running an online course from Monday 20th April 2020 called “Pencil and Paper”.  The  course will run for 5 weeks and costs £25The course will be free to any NHS employees as a thank you for helping us get through all this.  Just send me a photo of your staff card when you book.  This course will be specifically designed as a drawing course for beginners using just pencil and paper (and maybe a rubber and pencil sharpener might be handy too) so that those with limited art materials at home will still be able to join.  It will also take as it’s subject matter, everyday objects from around the home that most of us will have.   
The lessons will be delivered via a 30 minute online live chat/demonstration in which I will explain each task and you will be able to ask any questions.  We will use “Zoom”, an online web conferencing program and you will be sent a link on how to download this with your booking confirmation.  Zoom is free and you don’t need to set up an account.  You will be sent a link each week before the lesson which will take you straight to the lesson.
I will be repeating the live lesson twice on Mondays – once at 10.00am and also at 6.30pm (please specify which time slot you would like when booking).  I have chosen these times as this is when the classes with Leeds Art Group would usually run but if there is another time that would be more appropriate then please let me know as others may feel the same and in which case I could set up another time slot.
Recorded video
Following the lesson you will also receive a link to a 30 minute recorded video of the whole picture being drawn by myself from start to finish in time lapse together with instructions along the way.
Information sheets
I will also email you an information sheet following the lesson with step by step instructions on how to create the drawing.  
Once you have produced your drawing I would be happy to receive any photos of your work and would gladly offer any advice or feedback that you might require.
Showing off
At Leeds Art Group we do like to show off our wonderful creations!  So if you send me a photo of your work there’s a good chance I will put it on this website or our Instagram page @leedsartgroup (still work in progress at the moment).  If you’d prefer me not to do this, just let me know.  Or if you’d prefer to do your own showing off then I can set up a WhatsApp group so that you can all post your masterpieces on there whenever you like and see what the rest of the group are doing.
If you have any questions or would like to book a place on the course please get in touch by either email:leedsartgroup@yahoo.co. uk or telephone: 07788 871286.
Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.



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