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Beginners Courses – Week 5

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Hi folks

The challenge for the Beginners Watercolour Course 2 this week was to paint white without using white!?  In other words: painting the shadows on white objects.  Very tricky to do but very effective with a bit of practise.  The Beginners Drawing Course Level 2 had their own challenge in drawing not just glass but water aswell.  Well done for not being phased by how difficult this looked.  The Beginners Drawing from Nature produced these fab, shiny, conker drawings using watercolour pencils.  In the Beginners Drawing Course Level 1 we did a series of timed drawings to help work out the best way to build up a picture and focus quickly on the key elements.  Difficult tasks for everyone this week but well done for rising to the challenge!

Don’t forget, there are no classes next week.  Lessons will resume in the week commencing 5th November 2018.  Enjoy the break and happy Halloween!

See you all soon.


P.S.  a couple of things that might be of interest:  “The Big Draw” events nearby.

For anyone that submitted postcards for the St Gemma’s Secret Art Project, the postcards are now up for auction on their ebay site.  Click here to view the postcards.



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