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Beginners Courses – Week 3

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Thank you to everyone for braving the cold this week and making it to class despite the heating problems.  What a real bunch of troopers you are!  I hope you have all thawed out by now.  You still managed to turn out some fabulous work even at low temperatures.  The Nature Course  did some enlarged drawings of leaves using oil pastels – a medium that is often overlooked but can create some fantastic effects.  The Drawing Course also looked at scale and using a viewfinder to enlarge small objects to A3 size in charcoal and chalk.  The Animal Course used charcoal to create A3 drawings of Iguanas and tried to use a much more sketchy style than in previous lessons.  Brilliant work as always folks, hope you are enjoying the courses as much as I am.

Remember there are no lessons next week but classes will resume in the week commencing Monday 19th February 2018

Have a good break and I’ll see you all soon.




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