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Beginners Courses – Week 5 & New Courses for 2018!

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Hi everyone

In lesson 5  the Portraiture course looked at ears – an element of portraiture that often gets overlooked as if they are less important than the other features – not so!  We also practised drawing hair and using tone to create the impression of three dimensional form.  In the Nature course we drew sections of a photo of conkers using watercolour pencils.  A tricky medium and one that takes a bit of practise but worth the effort.  The Drawing course did some timed drawings to help work out how to put together a drawing from scratch.  Well done everyone.

The dates for next terms courses have now been confirmed and full details can be viewed on our “Courses for 2018” page.  If you have any questions about any of the courses or you would like to book a place then please get in touch either by phone on 07788 871286 or email: leedsartgroup@yahoo.co.uk.

See you soon.




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