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New Term, March 2017 – Week 1


Welcome back everyone!

It’s great to see familiar faces back in class and also some brand new ones.  I hope you are all ready to get creative.  If I had to give you one piece of advice right now then I would tell you to forget about any self doubts you may have had about coming to art classes.  You’ve already done the difficult bit by joining the course.  Now all you’ve got to do is relax and enjoy it.  So give yourself a good pat on the back and hold onto that positivity for the rest of the term.  This term we have 2 different courses running.  The Beginners Drawing Course Level 2 started by using basic lines and shapes to build up a drawing and then using shading to make objects look 3 dimensional.  The Beginners Pastel Drawing Course began by looking at Impressionist paintings to explore colour mixing and mark-making.

A great start everyone, hope you’ve got a taste for more!

See you all next week.




2 thoughts on “New Term, March 2017 – Week 1

  1. I really enjoyed the first week of Drawing 2 with the vase, apple and book – took it home and did more work on it to clarify how light and dark work together. Thank you, Wendy!

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