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New Term – Beginners Courses – Week 1

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Hi everyone

What a great start to the new term.  The Beginners Animal Portraiture Course 2 started with a watercolour pencil drawing of a fish.  We really focused on getting the proportions just right as this is going to help us throughout the course.  You all did really well, especially as this was a brand new technique for some of you.  The Beginners Drawing Course 1 began with drawing some natural forms and looking at composition.  You selected some great compositions and it was good to see how well you picked up the basic shading techniques.  We will practise this a lot more in the rest of the course.  The Beginners Portraiture Course started by looking at facial proportions and how slight changes in the angle of the head, neck and shoulders can make a big difference to the overall look of a portrait.  You really got the hang of this and I was so pleased with the work you produced.  Well done everyone!  A fantastic start.

Looking forward to seeing what else you can all do.




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