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Beginners Courses – Week 7 & New Courses for January 2017!

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Hi everyone

Sadly, we have come to the end of term once again.  For the finale the Animal Portraiture Course created some parrot drawings using oil pastels.  A tricky medium to get the hang of but some really effective results.  The Watercolour course had a life model to pose for them this week.  So they were able to practise their proportion techniques as well as learning to work in a much quicker and looser style.  The Portraiture course also had life models this week which meant they finally got to put into practise all those skills they have been working on throughout the course.  Well done folks, you’ve all progressed so much since the start of the course and you’ve been fantastic to teach.  I hope you’ve all enjoyed this term as much as I have.

Remember to sign up soon for the January courses if you don’t want to miss out.  Go to the “Courses for 2017” page for further details.

Have a great Christmas everyone and I’ll see you in the new year.





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