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Beginners Courses – Week 3


Hi everyone

This week the Animal course painted some watercolour giraffes using only 5 colours to create the whole thing.  The Watercolour course practised their colour mixing skills and created some really vivid skies.  The Portraiture course made some pencil sketches of noses and then moved on to soft pastel – just using black and white and the colour of the paper to create tone.  Great work everyone.  Hope you’re all enjoying the course.  I am loving seeing all the wonderful pictures you’re producing each week.  Keep up the good work!

See you soon.



2 thoughts on “Beginners Courses – Week 3

  1. Had another brilliant morning with Wendy today. Always look forward to Monday mornings even though the time flies. Wendy has put a lot of thought and work into each lesson, always well organised, classes are very well structured, she is always there to offer help which builds confidence. I have surprised myself over the last few weeks using different techniques and mediums and actually taking a piece of work home that I am pleased with.
    Ps. Wendy’s cake is yummy too!

  2. I agree with Laura. Wendy is so organised and prepared that all we have to do is bring ourselves and begin working. It’s so lovely to begin on time, have the lesson, be free to ask Wendy for help, and enjoy the company of the others in the group (and yes, the cakes ARE yummy! If you can’t learn from Wendy, you can’t learn! Thanks for such great classes, Wendy.

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