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Beginners Portraiture Course – Week 6

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Hi everyone

This week we had a go at drawing children and looked at how facial proportions change as a person grows older.  This was the first week that we have been able to piece all the features together and you did it brilliantly.  I was good to see you remembering all the things you have learned so far about how to draw mouths, noses, eyes, ears etc. and putting it all together in a complete drawing.  Next week we will be able to work from the real thing as we have some life models coming in to pose for us.

Next week is also, sadly, the last lesson of the course but don’t worry! – You won’t have long to wait until the next term starts at the end of September.  Go to the Courses for 2016 page for full details of all the courses available and please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book a place.

See you next week.



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