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Beginners Courses – Week 5

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Hello everyone and welcome back after our short break.

You produced some really beautiful and colourful pictures this week.  It was a pleasure to see such lovely work being created and to see your confidence start to grow.  The drawing course used a cross-hatching technique in pen instead of using pencil to show tone in their still life drawings .  The animal portraiture course had a go at using soft pastels and mixing darker colours without using black to create their pig pictures.  The pattern course were inspired by Art Deco this week to create these geometric designs.  The watercolour course used all the techniques they have learned so far to paint a selection of leaves on a contrasting background.  Well done everyone, you did brilliantly this week.

Bookings are now being taken for the Beginners Portraiture Courses starting on 20th June 2016.  Go to the “Courses For 2016” page for further details.  When applying, please remember to specify whether you would like to book the morning or the evening course.  Places are filling up fast so please book early to avoid disappointment.

See you all next week.



One thought on “Beginners Courses – Week 5

  1. The Art Deco lesson this week was great! As usual I managed to drift slightly off topic but I took loads of ideas home with me. Next week is Japanese ( noodles and chopsticks ???)

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