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Beginners Drawing Course 2 – Week 1

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Welcome back everyone!

The start of the new summer term and it’s great to see everyone so enthusiastic and eager to learn.  We went back to basics for the first lesson and looked at how to construct simple shapes.  We then used those shapes to build up a picture and used shading to make the objects appear 3 dimensional.  You all did really well in your first lesson, I hope you enjoyed it.  Next week we’ll be building on those skills and practising shading techniques.  Don’t forget to look on our Membership Discounts page to see what offers you can get with your Leeds Art Group membership card.  Remember, if you’d like to get automatic updates every time a new post is added to this website, just click on the “Follow” tab in the bottom right corner of the screen and enter your email address.

See you all next week.



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