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Beginners Pastel, Watercolour and Drawing Courses – Week 7

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Sadly this week was the last lesson for all three courses but what a finale!  You all made a great job of drawing our life model.  We mainly concentrated on proportion and made a series of sketches/paintings using various techniques to get the proportion just right.  Well done, you all did brilliantly and I hope you’ll join us for future Leeds Art Group Courses (especially Kate who brought in the Lemon Drizzle Cake – delicious!).  Get in touch if you need any information about further courses or visit the  Courses for 2015  page.  The next courses will be starting on 23rd March, so contact me if you’d like to book a place.  Give yourselves a pat on the back for all the progress you’ve made this term.  It’s been an absolute pleasure teaching you all and I’ll look forward to seeing you soon.





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