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Beginners Pastel, Watercolour and Drawing Courses – Week 4

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Over halfway through the course already and look how well you are all doing.  The Pastel class tried a new technique this week, working on a textured surface with only 3 pastels.  The Watercolour class looked at how to work on different parts of a picture and work your way around so that you are never left watching paint dry.  The Drawing class used grids to enlarge a photograph and worked on their proportion and shading skills.  There were some great pictures produced this week.  Whenever I give you a challenge you don’t let me down.  If you get chance this week, take the opportunity to compare the work you did this week with the work from the very first lesson and I think you will see a definite improvement.  Well done everyone!

See you soon.


P.S.  Special thanks to Simon’s wife for baking us the delicious carrot cake.  All baked goods will be gratefully received!



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