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Beginners Drawing Course – Week 2

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So this week we moved onto manmade forms which are generally a bit trickier than natural forms but you rose to the challenge and did not disappoint me.  We practised our proportion and shading and not forgetting those ellipses!  Thank you to everyone who brought in their own objects to draw.  It helped to make a more interesting composition.  Remember it’s charcoal next week!  So wear something you don’t mind getting messy.

image (5) image (3)image (2)image (4)







One thought on “Beginners Drawing Course – Week 2

  1. This class is so good! Wendy is very organized and has everything set up and ready for us to begin. She moves around the room and gives each of us guidance and instruction with our work. All the students seem to get really involved with their drawings and with the background of classical music Wendy has created a lovely space for us to create. She also brought us the most amazing home made scones!

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